October 1, 2020

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What brands can learn from Apple’s recent iPhone SE launch campaign on Tiktok

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Apple’s recent campaign on Tiktok to launch its new iPhone SE is the first campaign done by Apple on Tiktok. Congrats to the Tiktok India team for this massive win. Apple has always been a creative brand and this time also they did something very creative with Tiktok. But more than the creative and execution this campaign has a lot to learn from:

1. Invest in creative and customize: Investing in creativity is a lot like other investments that pay off when users engage with the content and take action which will drive business results (ROI).

It’s very easy for brands to run the same creative across TV, FB, YouTube, and other social media platforms but there are very few brands that believe that customizing creative for each platform is very crucial for the success of the campaign and media agencies have a huge role to play to educate clients.

2. Understand the platform: Not every social media platforms are the same, what people consume on Instagram is very different from what they consume on Tiktok and LinkedIn for that matters and you as a brand needs to know what works best in each social media platform. Tiktok is a vertical short video app (up to 60 sec) but still, some brands use their horizontal square creative format on the platform which does not add any value in the campaign as the content does not seem like the native and might not give you the high brand recall.

3. Sometimes it’s about taking media first Approach: Since the majority of the campaigns are idea and creative first then they get executed across all the platforms but looking at this campaign I can tell it’s a medium first. After Apple understood what works in the platform they came up with the campaign idea and a 16-sec video ad which is creative and eyecatching.

4. Embrace Tiktok: Forget all the myths you have about TikTok. We all can witness the unprecedented growth of TikTok in India and the world with more than 1.5 billion app downloads and 178 mn monthly active users in India and believe me, it’s not only the kids who are using the app more than 40% of the TikTok users are from 25-44 age group and almost 49% of the users come from Tier 1.

The avg. time spent on Tiktok is more than 50 minutes per user per day which more than any other social media platform. So if you as a brand are in a crossroad asking should I jump into Tiktok rather ask how soon should I jump because if you do not your competition will.