July 4, 2020

Brand, Media & Advertising

The 3C’s of Brand Building

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Building iconic brands like burger king and Apple is not easy but it’s not impossible either

Today I came up with a concept of brand building and it’s called 3C of brand building (content, creativity, and courage) after studying Burger King and few iconic brands such as Apple and Nike. No one ever built a brand by A. giving discounts B. running sharply targeted campaign what we call it precision marketing

Some marketers are so confused with this digital thing by relying so heavily on performance marketing that they stop investing in content and creative ideas they only look at short terms sales burger king and Nike are the most iconic brands which are built completely on the power of creativity, content, and courage under the leadership of Fernando Machado a man who we all look up to. The next question is how do you build a brand when you don’t have money like burger King well the answer is, it doesn’t cost anything to come up with great consumer and product insights. Ideas cost nothing if they are good they will fly, they will become viral.