October 1, 2020

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Dove redefined beauty in its new campaign ” courage is beautiful” to support health workers

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In its new campaign “courage is beautiful” Dove has put real faces of the frontline health workers showing marks, indents on thier faces because of protective gear they have to wear for long hours to treat covid19 patients.

The campaign was conceptualized by Ogilvy Canada after they found photos of these frontline health workers taken by an Italian photographer Alberto Giuliani.

It’s not the first time Dove has gone beyond how we define beauty. Dove’s real beauty challenge campaign which is one of the most iconic campaigns of all time and one of my favorites talked about how women perceive themselves is very different from how they are perceived by others. Their self-perception is harsh and it impacts everything like friends they make, and jobs they apply and how they treat their children and they should be grateful to their natural beauty.

It’s not just the idea or creative thought that matters but it takes a lot of courage to challenge the status quo and what you have been doing in the past. Courage is a new mantra and one of 3Cs in the brand building today and there is no doubt that brands like Nike, burger king, IKEA, and Dove have won hearts and minds of customers through bold communication and being courageous to what they stand for. Read more about 3Cs of building.