October 1, 2020

Brand, Media & Advertising

What did brand Lifebuoy tell about social distancing 100 years ago?

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Social distancing is the need of the hour which will help us all to be safe from one COVID-19 one of the highly infectious diseases caused by coronavirus which has infected more than 1.2 million people and killed 67,000 worldwide at the time of writing this article.

Crowds Breed Contagion” The headline of print ad gives a clear message that being in crowded places like factories, theaters, elevators e.t.c is not safe and people are very likely to get infected with viruses and germs.

The brand also explains who are “carriers” of disease. Carrier is a person who is well and was infected in the past with mild symptoms of the disease since the person soon recovered and became immune, all the virus are germs are harmless for that person but deadly to everyone else and there are carriers all around us, thousands of them. Since it’s not possible for us to spot carriers what all we can do is follow basic hygiene like washing our hands to protect from any possible infection.

Lifebuoy has a legacy of keeping us all safe from germ and viruses and healthy atleast in the communication.