October 1, 2020

Brand, Media & Advertising

What is PPM framework in media and how Lodestar UM used it for Spotify launch in India

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A good media strategy always focuses on people and rather than the platform and the medium. PPM framework (people-place-moment) which Lodestar UM used for Spotify, the global music streaming company launch campaigns in India. In 2019, Spotify entered India with a mix of Indian and International music with over 40 million songs.

The challenge for the brand and Lodestar UM, the media agency of Spotify was how to reach the right audience (people) at scale and with the content that is personalized to their taste and preference.

The agency deployed this PPM (people-place-moment) framework where they started with the audience/people-first approach by leveraging data to identify what is the personal connection that people have with content. They used neuro-imagining techniques along with mind and mood studies to relate what kind of music people might like basis where (place) and what content they are consuming and then splitting the users into different micro-moments.

This allowed the brand to make a transition from mass content to the individual content. Using this PPM framework Lodestatr was able to map 1000+ micro-moments mapped across 3 billion playlists and personalized the content at an unprecedented scale