October 28, 2020

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Instagram Reels – What’s in for marketers?

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Instagram recently launched their much awaited feature ‘Instagram reels’ globally for everyone. 

Reels which has now become a new way of creating and discovering short, entertaining videos is quite similar to TikTok. 

While Instagram Reels is a big deal for creators, marketers already have big questions on their Instagram strategy. 

Key takeaways for Brands and Marketers planning to use Instagram Reels: 

Massive Reach and High Engagement Rates 

Instagram being the most popular social media platform among the Millennials and Gen Z, brands are likely to see high engagement rates with reels.

However, with the explore section already flooded with tons of reels, real and entertaining videos will be the key for brands to stand out & break through the clutter. 

Creators will rule the space

The creator community on any social media platform currently are hungry for new features and platforms to establish their followings. 

For brands and marketers it will be very important to invest their bucks in building partnerships with creators who make custom content racking up millions of views daily. 

TikTok has a large diverse base of talent and creators and it will be interesting to see if reels can attract a similar community. 

Create and share on Instagram

While reels allows you to create fun videos to share with your friends or anyone, the platform doesn’t allow you to download the video for resharing on other social media platforms. 

You can record and edit 15-second multi-clip videos with audio, effects, and new creative tools and share the same on your feed as a post. 

Reels also allows you to reach a wider audience through explore if you have a public account. 

Satisfying snackable content 

With new features and platforms like Reel and TikTok making a massive shift in how Gen Z and millennials are consuming content, macro and relatable content will always have time and space in a brand’s story. 

Reels showcases the best of trending culture on Instagram and will give brands a new way to express themselves and tell their story.