October 1, 2020

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Cannes Lions 2020 has been canceled due to COVID-19 pandemic

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Cannes Lions the International festival of creativity 2020 edition has been canceled due to coronavirus crisis.

Cannes Festival is organized at Cannes in France every year in the month of June but it was shifted for October this year in mid feb’19 due to coronavirus but now looking at the current situation the Cannes committee has decided to call it off this year.

Philip Thomas, chairman, Cannes Lions, said, “We realise that the creative community has other challenges to face, and simply isn’t in a position to put forward the work that will set the benchmark. The marketing and creative industries, in common with so many others, are currently in turmoil, and it’s clear that we can play our small part by removing all speculation about the Festival this year. We have tried to make our decisions as early as possible to give the industry total clarity on the situation, and that is why we are announcing this move today.”

Simon Cook, managing director, Cannes Lions, said “We all look ahead to a more positive time – right now, Cannes Lions will continue to bring the global creative community together and provide inspiration where we can find it. Our recent call for inspirational creative stories from around the world has already garnered hundreds of accounts of our community uniting and showing progress in this crisis. We believe firmly that the Lions continue to offer valuable recognition to that community and we look forward to celebrating and honouring the work in 2021, when the world will hopefully feel more stable, and our community can give their work the focus it deserves.”